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What a press room is and why you should absolutely have one

A press room is a very often underestimated section of a website (if it even exists!) yet is really important. A press room is simply the showcase of your company for journalists. It’s where media people (bloggers, journalists…) go when they need to find everything public on your company and your product/service (from press releases to product screenshots, logos or founders bio and much more).

Journalists have very busy timetables and their attention span for your company is really short, they generally will not spend a lot of time digging your product and service, they need to find everything they need in one single page. Your website is built for your customers, *not* for journalists this is why you need to offer them a completely different section, this is the main aim of your press room.

Press rooms are an essential piece of your website and its benefits are numerous:

  • As we already said it makes journalists’ job easier and hence will increase your chance of being covered.
  • A well designed and well maintained pressroom gives you credibility.
  • An efficient pressroom is a good first step to build a relation of trust with media people.
  • Prospects, investors and potential partners often visit press rooms as well so it increases your chance of not missing an opportunity.

So the question is not whether you should have a pressroom or not but rather how you should build it and what information you should include in order to get the best out of it. We’ll go deeper in these specific topics in our next articles so be sure to register our newsletter if you don’t want to miss them.

Thu 26 Sep, 2013 - Bertrand