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Blog Testimonial 2

“PressKing is a cost-effective solution to contact the right journalists”

We have received a lot of great feedback following our first testimonial. That’s why I’m very happy to share with you a new conversation I had with another PressKing customer. I got the chance to chat with David Jervis, Managing Director of Quantum Technical Public Relations which manages PR for many companies, including Heraeus Noblelight. He shared his feedback with me, and talked about how he uses PressKing.

David, what’s the activity of Heraeus Noblelight?

Heraeus Noblelight is a global market and technology leader in the field of light sources and systems. The Heraeus business group works on making light productive in the wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared – for industry, science, environmental protection and health.

Why have you decided to use PressKing? 

I had problems distributing my press releases. Everything I had used in my previous companies was way too expensive! I was looking for something affordable that would still give me access to a wide database. And PressKing seemed to meet all my needs!

Was it a good choice?

Oh yes indeed!

Will you tell us about the press coverage of one of your press release?

A few days ago, I sent a new press release via PressKing. I wanted it to be distributed in the UK, the US and in Canada. For the moment, 339 journalists have read my email! I am very happy with that. I’ve distributed several press releases with your solution and every time I had relevant responses from people. It does work! PressKing is a cost-effective solution.

What’s your favorite functionality?

It’s so simple to do a great press release! You just have to create it, copy and paste a picture and bam it’s done! Also, the support team at PressKing is awesome. Once I had a problem and someone responsed straight away!

Who would you recommend PressKing to?

I would recommend PressKing to anybody. It’s affordable, it works well and it’s easy to use.

Fri 13 Dec, 2013 - Parthanan
  • Ddx

    Kudos, guys! Keep up the PressKing magic!

  • TheDegreePeople

    How many active journalists are on the pressking list?

    • Bertrand

      490,000 worldwide :-)

  • marcyhoffman

    Out of the 490,000 how many have actively signed up to be included in your database? Can they opt out? After the article in the NYT last November claiming that too many of the press release distribution sites send out spam. this is an area of concern.