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Our users are our biggest fans

Hi there. I’m Mathilde from PressKing. In the recent weeks, we have acquired lots of testimonials from PressKing users, so that *you* could imagine what PressKing can do for you. Businesses large and small are using PressKing to manage their media relations online. Meet one of customer : Rob Stringer, strategic business development manager at Centremaps.

Rob, what’s the activity of your company?

Centremaps, an Ordnance Survey Premier Partner enables its customers to quickly find quality digital mapping. Centremaps is the mapping portal of Laser Surveys, one of the largest survey companies in the UK.

Why have you decided to use PressKing?

Last May, we decided to launch our first BtoC product : MiniMap. We wanted the widest press coverage, as quickly as possible. We searched on Google to identify companies that could offer expertise and finally chose PressKing.

Will you tell us about the press coverage of this press release?

Immediately after distributing this press release via PressKing, we’ve had 7 inquiries from journalists. They were interested to know more about our new product. It led to press coverage in very relevant consumer magazines!

Will you use PressKing again?

We have a new venture coming in a month and a half (an Aerial Image guessing game called SkySpy for Apple iOS 6 and iOS 7 users) and for sure we we’ll go through your service again !

What’s your favorite functionality?

What I prefer on PressKing is its easy-of-use.

Who would you recommend PressKing to?

I would recommend PressKing to anyone who wants to get in touch with a large amount of journalist or media representatives, quickly.

Thu 07 Nov, 2013 - Parthanan