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No, a one page website is not enough in #PR

Most startups have a one page website and do not feel the urge of having a brand newsroom on the side. How many times did we hear : « Why would I need a brand newsroom ? I already provide all the information a journalist needs about my startup on my one page website ! ».
Well, young PR padawan, here 5 things you should know about brand newsrooms :

1. It centralizes your information
91% of journalists do their research using search engines. Researching information on a company can quickly become a dreary and time consuming task.
A media room is a section of your website dedicated to journalists and influencers. It centralizes and organizes your company’s information – improving journalists’ productivity and your chances to get your story covered.
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2. It enhances your website’s SEO
Improving your SEO can be difficult. Search engines look for keywords, repetition, metadata, titles, alt tags, etc… Not having a media room is bypassing on a great SEO tool.
Rooted to your website, your media room becomes a gold mine for search bots. Every piece of information about your activity is concentrated in one single page.
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3. It engages your audience on the long run
“If a journalist can’t find what they looking for on a company’s website, they might not include that company in their story” From PR on websites study by Nielsen Norman Group.
A media room opens a permanent window to your business. Thats way, journalists, partners and influencers can be updated in real-time on your company’s news and events.
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4. It provides a usable and downloadable content
“Journalists dislike PDF just as much as others do.” From PR on websites study by Nielsen Norman Group.
HTML format makes your content immediately ready-for-use. Your press material becomes easy to copy and download speeding up journalists work – improving your opportunities for media coverage.
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5. It is a trusted source of information
Information on the internet can become old, disorganized or refutable. Anyone can publish something on your behalf which would jeopardize your communication campaign.
Newsrooms give you the opportunity to present a verified and updated content to journalists, partners and investors. It is a trusted source of information.
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Tue 13 Oct, 2015 - Thomas