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mention and PressKing are coming together to reinvent client testimonials

Admit it, client testimonials on most websites can be greatly improved. These testimonials have two major disadvantages: :

  • They’re not verifiable: How can you verify the veracity of a client testimonial that exists only on the company’s site? A testimonial like, “‘This service is a true revolution’ – Alex – 25 years old,” will have a very limited impact on a visitor, because they’re already used to seeing this type of quote, full of praise but unsourced.
  • They’re quickly obsolete: It’s a fact. You will see very few marketing managers put “update client testimonials” on their “to-do list.” The process for updating a testimonial is fairly long. First you have to contact users to get real testimonials, second you have to format the testimonials, find the person’s photo, etc. Then you have to ask your technical team to update the site… it’s a real chore. That’s why most testimonials aren’t dated.


What is the ideal client testimonial?

  • A verifiable testimonial, i.e., linked to a source.
  • A recent testimonial, i.e., quickly and easily put online.

We’ve met this challenge by integrating mention with PressKing. Here’s how:

How can I obtain verifiable testimonials?

-> With mention’s media monitoring technology and the “set a mention as a favorite” feature, a user can index *positive* notes about their business.

How do I automatically put a testimonial online?

-> A new feature in PressKing’s press area allows for you to display mentions that are chosen by you or your team as favorites for a given alert.

How mention’s integration with PressKing works

1. In your press area, go to the “editing” view.Click on “Connect my mention account.”

2014-03-13 at 10.19
2. Log in to your mention account.
3. Select the alert of your choice.
4. That’s it! :-) Now all you have to do is choose mentions that are your favorites (in the mention interface) so they appear in your press area.


This integration is reserved for PressKing users who have a Premium or Enterprise account (free trial).

Thu 13 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand