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How To Prepare For September

The holidays are well underway. The sun is (hopefully) shining and with any luck you’ve spent at least a week or two lying on a sandy beach. Work couldn’t be further from the mind. But, before you get too carried away in holiday mode, it might be worth dedicating just a little time to making sure your press room is in tip top condition and your September press releases are ready to be launched. It’s an ideal time to take stock, work about what you want to do in the autumn and develop your PR activities.

Simply follow these 3 easy steps to make sure everything is shipshape for September:

Be prepared: get your press releases ready 

You probably have a little extra time in the quieter August weeks with less people around and less meetings to attend. Make the most of this to get organised on the press release front. Work about what you want to write about in the autumn based on your product developments and industry-related events. It’s well worth writing your first post-holiday press release already to take the pressure off when September swings around.

Be fresh: update your press room

It is also the perfect occasion to give your press room a pre-autumn clean – there’s nothing quite like a good de-clutter. Make sure all your company information and images are up-to-date. Is everything in the correct order? Do all the links work? Check all the pages and take off any information that is no longer relevant. You could try changing the homepage a little, e.g. by adding a new photo, to keep things fresh.

Be timely: work out a PR schedule 

Now that your press room and press releases are in order, it’s time to think about timing. When do you want to communicate? How often? We recommend creating a schedule with all your press release publication dates. It is vital to publish information at the right moment, especially if the release is linked to a specific event – too far in advance and the information will go unnoticed, too late and there may already be thousands of other articles on the same topic. Or, it’s simply no longer relevant. Don’t wait until mid-September for your first press release, aim for the first week while the iron is hot so to speak!

A little forward planning and organisation goes a long way. Put in the work now and September will be a breeze. It’s a good idea to tidy up your press room every so often to make sure it stays organised, as well as being careful to stick to your PR schedule as closely as possible. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to cope with the unexpected!

Tue 19 Aug, 2014 - Bertrand