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How To Maximize The Impact Of Your Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be an excellent way to make your press release and your press room more convincing and authoritative. It is reassuring for potential customers to know that your product has already been tried, tested and approved.

That’s why we want to help you get the very most of your testimonials by answering the key Who, How, What and What Next questions.

Customer testimonials: WHO?

Obviously, you can ask just about anyone to make a comment about your product. You can even invent a bland “James loves our product” quote. However, this is far from convincing. Testimonials should come from actual users who have genuinely benefited from your product. If they are well-known in your sector this adds instant authority – it goes without saying that a thumbs up from Mashable is priceless! Ideally you want to be able to source the quote in order to make it more believable for your readers.

Customer testimonials: HOW? 

Does it seem rather difficult to get “proof” that the quote is real? Never fear, with the help of Mention’s media measuring technology you can automatically add any comments about you to your PressKing press room. This way all the comments are verified and up to date. Of course, you can also ask users to get you feedback on your product either directly or via a questionnaire. By doing this, it is easier to focus on specific element or ask for more details or explanations. A combination of spontaneous comments and “controlled” feedback is very powerful.

Customer testimonials: WHAT?

If you decide to ask your users directly, it is important to work out what information you want to obtain. It is all very well getting a generic “great product” comment, but how much value does this really add? Potential users reading your website, press release or pressroom want to know how the person used your product, how it helped and, if possible, what the concrete results were. The more precise the information, the more convincing it is. Above all, try and make it interesting – why not try looking at your product from a slightly different angle or including a humorous anecdote?

Customer testimonials: WHAT NEXT? 

So, you’ve got your testimonial and you’ve added it to your press room or press release. What next? Testimonials and interviews are great material for social media, so why not discretely incorporate them into your blog posts, Facebook content or Twitter? If you’ve done a questionnaire you could add some infographics for a very visual way to share the information.

However, remember that information doesn’t stay fresh for long. Try and get regular feedback so you can update the customer testimonials regularly – or get Mention to do the hard work for you!

So, the moral of the customer testimonial story? Be genuine, interesting and fresh.

Tue 09 Sep, 2014 - Bertrand