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How to create an outstanding press room for your website

So now that you know what a press room is (hint: it’s a section on your website dedicated to media people) the next question you are probably asking yourself is : “What should I put in my press room to please journalists?”, and that’s a very good question to ask yourself before creating one.

An important thing to keep in mind is that a press room should be made with the aim of making journalists and bloggers life easier. First by giving them all the relevant information they need and second by offering a great user experience on your press room page.

Let’s start with the basic components every press room should have:

  • The description of your company / product / service. When journalists arrive for the first time on your press room they should quickly understand what your company/website/product is doing. A short description (ideally one paragraph) explaining clearly what you are doing/selling with which value propositions is a great way to accomplish that. Keep it short but punchy. You should also add your logo there.
  • Social handles. Now that the journalists understand what you are doing it’s important to quickly give them your main social network accounts (depending on which ones you use: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn…). You should also add the urls of your website and blog.
  • The list of your press releases. Giving access to your latest press release is important but keeping the list of the previous ones is also crucial. Let journalists access the history of your press releases directly from your pressroom.
  • The list of your press coverage. If you have already been featured on a blog, on TV, in the radio or in some newspapers you should absolutely add these links in your press room, it will give you a lot of credibility.
  • Media files. When journalists are coming to a press room they are expecting to be able to download everything they need to write their article: your logo, screenshots of your interface, profile pictures of key people, explanatory videos etc. Always include these files in different format and size (for example the logo should be available in different sizes, in png, jpg with transparent/white/black background etc…) If you have a great promotional video don’t hesitate to share it there and even to directly give the embed code so they just have to copy/paste it in their article.
  • Contact / information about key people in your company. Your company is not only a website or a product, it’s also a team of people. Adding the list of key people will give a “human” touch on your press room and it’s also a great selling argument for your company.

Now that you know what the most important components of a press room are, here are some crucial points to make your press room outstanding:

  • Well designed. The visual aspect is crucial to attract journalists and your press room should be beautiful and easy to use.
  • Easily accessible on your website (generally in the footer) with a simple url.
  • Responsive so visitors can see it on mobile devices.
  • Continuously kept up to date with the latest content (press releases, media files etc…).
Thu 03 Oct, 2013 - Bertrand