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No, a one page website is not enough in #PR

Most startups have a one page website and do not feel the urge of having a brand newsroom on the side. How many times did we hear : « Why would I need a brand newsroom ? I already provide all the information a journalist needs about my startup on my one page website ! ». Well, young PR padawan, here 5 things you should know about brand newsrooms : 1. It centralizes your information… Read more

Tue 13 Oct, 2015 - Thomas

#PR – 4 guidelines for setting an efficient PR strategy

For the last couple months, we have been talking about avoiding summer PR slowdown and planning out your business communications for the fall. But we’ve never truly gotten to the bottom of it or gave any directions. Today we’re going to discuss PR strategy and what you can do during August to ease your mind for September, knowing that everything’s set and good to go. “There is only one thing in the world worse than… Read more

Thu 06 Aug, 2015 - Thomas
Focus event : MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS 2015

Focus event : MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS 2015

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve moved to a larger and brighter place. Yet, admittedly, our walls are still bare—we don’t even have a plant. However, we are looking forward to home improvement and decoration ideas from MAISON & OBJET AMERICAS 2015 in Miami! The event, from May 12 – 15, will have more than 1,2000 enterprises specialized in interior decoration, furnitures, home improvement, gardening, objects and accessories displaying their latest creations and innovative… Read more

Thu 23 Apr, 2015 - Thomas
cebit 2015

Focus event : CeBIT 2015

On the occasion of the Exhibition & Conference for IT & Digital Business occuring between March 16th and March 20th in Hannover, PressKing has worked on providing you with the best PR tools for your comunication.   Press release distribution Among the 490,000 journalists and media outlets from our database, we have selected for you 16,011 journalists specialized in big data, mobile, internet, social business and digital security for your press releases distribution in Europe, United States… Read more

Wed 11 Mar, 2015 - Thomas

Sharpen your press releases targeting

In order to enhance your press release broadcasts, the PressKing team has optimized your personal information ! Indicating your business sector gives PressKing a sharper targeting of journalists and influencers who will talk about you tomorrow. Futhermore, this information will help them to know you better, identify your press releases’s problematic faster and maximize your communication impact. We invite you to update your industry information in your PressKing account with a simple click on the following link :

Fri 16 Jan, 2015 - Thomas
2159258-_insert_title_ 2

How To Write A Killer Title For Your Press Release

First impressions count. And, this is certainly the case for your press release. Every day we are bombarded by information. Letters, emails, adverts, TV programmes, books… and the list goes on. We are quite literally saturated with words and images. The brain has to be selective. It receives as many as 400 billion bits of information a second, although we’re only aware of about 2,000 of them! What’s more, we can only effectively process 1% of… Read more

Tue 02 Sep, 2014 - Bertrand

Control access to your press room

A frequent request from our users is the ability to restrict access to their press room with a password. There are two reasons for this: A press room very often contains exclusive or confidential information, and some companies are therefore keen to limit access to it. Without access restrictions, a company can’t identify *who* is consulting its press room, and so may be tempted not to add more content to make sure that competitors in… Read more

Fri 21 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand