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#PR Press release, an editorial style above all

For many startups, PR is something completely new and when the moment comes to jump right in… Well… things can get a bit pear-shaped. Some ask themselves the questions: “Is my press release well written? Who do I send it to? On what day? At what time? And then, what?” Some might think that a press release isn’t so complicated. You just need to write a text to sell your product and send it to… Read more

Thu 04 Feb, 2016 - Thomas

How to create a durable relationship with journalists?

A very common mistake when you start doing a PR campaign is to think that journalists or bloggers’ job is to wait all day long for press releases and write stories thanks to them. It’s actually a bit more complicated since they usually receive tens or hundreds of requests per day. They have to choose the news that will enable them to write great articles which readers will love. When you start to do public… Read more

Thu 10 Oct, 2013 - Bertrand

Say Hello to the new PressKing

After enabling the publication of over 25,000 press releases and the creation of 15,000 press rooms, we are very happy to unveil the complete overhaul of PressKing today. A little more than two years have passed since our launch. Our goal hasn’t changed: to become the “first media relations agency online.” Thanks to our new version, available starting today, we offer you the simplicity and flexibility of an online service with the advantages of a… Read more

Wed 17 Apr, 2013 - Oussama