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#PR Press release, an editorial style above all

For many startups, PR is something completely new and when the moment comes to jump right in… Well… things can get a bit pear-shaped. Some ask themselves the questions: “Is my press release well written? Who do I send it to? On what day? At what time? And then, what?” Some might think that a press release isn’t so complicated. You just need to write a text to sell your product and send it to… Read more

Thu 04 Feb, 2016 - Thomas
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How To Maximize The Impact Of Your Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be an excellent way to make your press release and your press room more convincing and authoritative. It is reassuring for potential customers to know that your product has already been tried, tested and approved. That’s why we want to help you get the very most of your testimonials by answering the key Who, How, What and What Next questions. Customer testimonials: WHO? Obviously, you can ask just about anyone to make a… Read more

Tue 09 Sep, 2014 - Bertrand

How To Prepare For September

The holidays are well underway. The sun is (hopefully) shining and with any luck you’ve spent at least a week or two lying on a sandy beach. Work couldn’t be further from the mind. But, before you get too carried away in holiday mode, it might be worth dedicating just a little time to making sure your press room is in tip top condition and your September press releases are ready to be launched. It’s an ideal… Read more

Tue 19 Aug, 2014 - Bertrand
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More affordable and sexier press releases!

Democratizing media relations has been our “motto” since we launched PressKing in 2011. That’s why we are very happy to announce a significant reduction in our press release distribution rates, which are decreasing by half. At the same time, we have also refreshed the design of our press releases, which have become lighter and are now more in line with the design of our press rooms. Click here to access your old press releases and discover… Read more

Thu 22 May, 2014 - Bertrand

How to write a great press release

This article is an excerpt from a white paper published by PressKing, which you can download here. Press releases are the basics of PR management. But getting people to read them is far from being easy: journalists and bloggers often say they receive more and more of them, and that they don’t have the time to read them all. How can you maximize your chances? Here are a few tips that will help you write press… Read more

Fri 07 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand
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“PressKing is a cost-effective solution to contact the right journalists”

We have received a lot of great feedback following our first testimonial. That’s why I’m very happy to share with you a new conversation I had with another PressKing customer. I got the chance to chat with David Jervis, Managing Director of Quantum Technical Public Relations which manages PR for many companies, including Heraeus Noblelight. He shared his feedback with me, and talked about how he uses PressKing. David, what’s the activity of Heraeus Noblelight? Heraeus Noblelight is a… Read more

Fri 13 Dec, 2013 - Parthanan

Our users are our biggest fans

Hi there. I’m Mathilde from PressKing. In the recent weeks, we have acquired lots of testimonials from PressKing users, so that *you* could imagine what PressKing can do for you. Businesses large and small are using PressKing to manage their media relations online. Meet one of customer : Rob Stringer, strategic business development manager at Centremaps. Rob, what’s the activity of your company? Centremaps, an Ordnance Survey Premier Partner enables its customers to quickly find… Read more

Thu 07 Nov, 2013 - Parthanan

How to write your first press release?

Even if you are not a Public Relations specialist you’ve probably already heard about “press releases” and you probably know that it’s a one page document sent to journalists and media people to inform them about an important news from your company. Writing a press release for the first time (and even the second and the tenth time) is not an easy task. Writing a good press release requires some prior knowledge that we’ll share… Read more

Thu 31 Oct, 2013 - Bertrand