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6 tips to make your press room a “living” place

At PressKing an advice we very often give to our users is to keep their press room updated with fresh content. Keeping it alive is very important to avoid the “ghost town” effect of an outdated page, to give credibility to your project and also to build a real relationship with journalists and bloggers. Here are 5 tips on how to achieve it.

Update regularly your press release list: you should create and distribute press releases for every big step and accomplishment your company is making. Even if you are featured on a national newspaper or a big blog every time it’s still important to communicate your news through press releases and to share them in your pressroom. By seeing them media people can see your progress and where you come from.

Update regularly your press coverage links: every time you get featured somewhere, that a journalist or a blogger speaks about you in a newspaper, an online media, TV or radio it’s important to share it in your press room. Keep this list up to date with links, date and quote from the articles.

Keep you media files up to date: your website/product is very likely to evolve over time and the interfaces you had 1 year ago are probably different from the ones you have today. A common mistake is to let old screenshots and old logo in your press room. Don’t be lazy and update your media files (from pictures to videos) every time you change the design of your website.

Regularly update your cover picture so that it shows the most recent events / products: a great way to communicate your most recent accomplishments is through a cover picture on top of your pressroom. Update this picture regularly to show journalists and visitors that your website is evolving in a positive way.

Keep your description and pitches up to date:  the description and pitch of your website should not sound like you have written them 2 years ago. Your pitch will anyway evolve over time so keep it up to date in your press room too.

Add your social networks and blog feeds: by adding your social networks and blog feeds you can add interactivity and automatic new content in your press room. Don’t hesitate to integrate your social feeds and last blog’s articles, journalists will definitely like it!

Thu 15 May, 2014 - Bertrand
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