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6 tips to be PR ready

1. What’s your story?

Ok, may I say first that I don’t really like the word “story” when referring to a business. Actually, I prefer to talk about a business timeline. Why? Because a story usually has a beginning, a middle and an end. Or your business, hopefully, won’t have an end.
A timeline on the other end is made of multiple stories. It is a long chain of events that you will be able to communicate on. This is how you need to picture your business for PR. Here’s a little example:

  • April 6 – product launch – Who we are, why we’re here, to what needs do we respond to…
  • June 19 – New partnership – To develop our business, we joined forces with…
  • September 23 – 300,000 users – Our results, what we expect, where we want to go…
  • October 30 – $500,000 raised – To develop our business internationally, we raised…

2. What could be newsworthy?

Well, all the examples above are trendy news we often come across in the media. But careful, if anything can be news, not everything is newsworthy. Our main advice: always measure the potential of your news.

3. Make a plan

Like a chest game, you need to be a step ahead. Once you reveal your business timeline, you’ll have to keep on updating it. It can be simple if you make a plan of what’s coming next. What are you currently working on? Trying to sign a partnership, trying to get accelerated, trying to raise funds. All those are your next public announcements.

4. Create and distribute your news

Once you created your plan and identified your stories, time to write and distribute them. If you’ve never written a press release, read this: #PR Press release, an editorial style above all. As for press release distribution, have a look at our platform PressKing. Here’s what we do for you:


5. Work your community management

The most powerful media to relay information are social networks. Technology transformed PR and its main communication channels. If sending an email to a journalist remains the best way to get media coverage, you also need to be active on social media to build your audience.

6. Create your website press section

A newsroom is the visual representation of your business timeline. It is located on your website and is the main source of information about your company for journalists, bloggers, investors, etc.… It gives your audience a precise description of your company’s life through different events. All you need to know about newsrooms can be found here: #PR tools: Focus on newsrooms.

Thu 07 Apr, 2016 - Thomas