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5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid in your press room

Your press room is a showcase of your company and product and thus should be really polished. There are several traps and errors you should absolutely avoid in this section of your website or you’ll make journalists run away:

  • Outdated information: not maintaining a press room up to date is a very common mistake. By letting outdated information and content on you press room you’ll give a very bad impression to journalists who will feel like in a ghost town. Update regularly your content and press releases list.
  • Bad quality media files: nothing is more frustrating for a journalist than having to find your logo and screenshots of your website by himself. Not only you should make them easily accessible in your press room but you should also be careful to provide good quality files. Don’t hesitate to add several formats (jpg, png,pdf…) and several sizes for your pictures (from small to big) as well as gorgeous picture which will make their articles shine.
  • No links to your social handles and blog: social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) are an essential part of online communication and marketing nowadays. Journalists will often point out to your social handles and blog in their articles so don’t miss the opportunity to add them directly in your press room.
  • No information about the founders: the story and background of the founders are important for journalists. You are not only trying to convince people with your service/product but also with the people behind it and their vision. Keep that in mind.
  • A press room not compatible with tablets and mobile phones: we are living in a mobile world and media people are just like you and me: they use more and more smartphones and tablets. By not having a responsive press room you increase your chances to miss opportunities.
Wed 16 Nov, 2016 - Bertrand