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Control access to your press room

A frequent request from our users is the ability to restrict access to their press room with a password. There are two reasons for this: A press room very often contains exclusive or confidential information, and some companies are therefore keen to limit access to it. Without access restrictions, a company can’t identify *who* is consulting its press room, and so may be tempted not to add more content to make sure that competitors in… Read more

Fri 21 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand

mention and PressKing are coming together to reinvent client testimonials

Admit it, client testimonials on most websites can be greatly improved. These testimonials have two major disadvantages: : They’re not verifiable: How can you verify the veracity of a client testimonial that exists only on the company’s site? A testimonial like, “‘This service is a true revolution’ – Alex – 25 years old,” will have a very limited impact on a visitor, because they’re already used to seeing this type of quote, full of praise but… Read more

Thu 13 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand

How to write a great press release

This article is an excerpt from a white paper published by PressKing, which you can download here. Press releases are the basics of PR management. But getting people to read them is far from being easy: journalists and bloggers often say they receive more and more of them, and that they don’t have the time to read them all. How can you maximize your chances? Here are a few tips that will help you write press… Read more

Fri 07 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand

Modify the visual style of your press room

It is now possible to modify the visual style of your press room. While the theme’s HTML cannot be (yet) modified, our CSS Editor gives you the power to make your own design. The CSS Editor can be found in the Customization menu of the sidebar. It consists of a blank area for typing and two buttons, “save” and “reset”. The CSS Editor is for now reserved to our users with an Enterprise plan.

Wed 05 Mar, 2014 - Bertrand
Mistakes blog

5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid in your press room

Your press room is a showcase of your company and product and thus should be really polished. There are several traps and errors you should absolutely avoid in this section of your website or you’ll make journalists run away: Outdated information: not maintaining a press room up to date is a very common mistake. By letting outdated information and content on you press room you’ll give a very bad impression to journalists who will feel like… Read more

Fri 10 Jan, 2014 - Bertrand

A holiday gift from us to you: your very own press room. In just a few clicks.

Christmas has come early for PressKing users! We are proud to announce the official launch of our new press room service. Easy to configure and beautifully designed, a press room gathers all the information a journalist needs about a company. Click here to discover our new service. You can also go through our different articles on our blog which explain why a press room has now become a must-have: What a press room is and why you should… Read more

Thu 19 Dec, 2013 - Bertrand
Blog Testimonial 2

“PressKing is a cost-effective solution to contact the right journalists”

We have received a lot of great feedback following our first testimonial. That’s why I’m very happy to share with you a new conversation I had with another PressKing customer. I got the chance to chat with David Jervis, Managing Director of Quantum Technical Public Relations which manages PR for many companies, including Heraeus Noblelight. He shared his feedback with me, and talked about how he uses PressKing. David, what’s the activity of Heraeus Noblelight? Heraeus Noblelight is a… Read more

Fri 13 Dec, 2013 - Mathilde